Season Menu

Soup of the day 350 g | 15 LEI
ask your server about what delicious flavours have been cooked up fresh today

Burrata Salad 350 g | 22 LEI
fresh mango slices mixed with arugula, sun-dried tomatoes and a honey lemon vinaigrette dressing
served with a tasty creamy Italian Burrata
Mediterranean Platter for two 600 g | 38 LEI
halloumi cheese, parmesan flakes, cold italian meat specialties,
arugula, sun-dried tomatoes, pickled artichokes and olives
Tuna Tartare 200 g | 68 LEI
delicious fresh red tuna tartare served with tempura shrimp,
avocado, salmon arancini, quail eggs, capers and ciabatta croutons
Sicilian Arancini 200 g | 35 LEI (LOV)
stuffed rice balls with porcini mushrooms and mozzarella, coated with bread crumbs
and served with a beetroot puree, fresh seasonal salad mix and bell pepper basil sauce

Spaghetti alla Puttanesca 300 g | 39 LEI
pasta with butter, capers, cherry tomatoes and anchovies
Pappardelle with fresh ragu 300 g | 39 LEI
Butterfish Fillet 250 g | 49 LEI
butterfish fillet baked in lemon sauce
and served with a fresh mix of warm salad, shiitake mushrooms and mange tout peas
Pan seared Seabass 300 g | 64 LEI
tasty fillet of seabass served with shrimps, baby spinach, risotto and saffron sauce to your delight
Belvedere Chicken 300 g | 37 LEI
boneless chicken thigh pressed and oven baked seasoned with secret chefs’ ingredients
and served with a fresh salad, Dauphinoise potato and creamy mustard sauce
Rack of Lamb Persillade 300 g | 45 LEI
herb coated rack of lamb, oven baked and served with panache of broccoli and baby carrots,
minted pea puree, Duchesse potato and rosemary red wine sauce
Tournedos Rossini 250 g | 99 LEI
a freshly cut beef filet, pan-fried in butter, topped with a hot slice of foie gras
and garnished with baby asparagus, porcini mushrooms and a delicious Porto sauce
Tagliata di Manzo 270 g | 99 LEI
boneless sirloin steak marinated with olive oil, smoked salt and thyme,
served with arugula salad, cherry tomatoes and parmesan flakes
Pan seared duck breast 300 r | 55 LEI
marinated duck breast seared in a hot pan and served with braised red cabbage,
caramelized pineapple and pomegranate sauce
Mushroom Risotto 350 g | 29 LEI (LOV)
a delicious carefully prepared dish,
flavoured with wild mushrooms, chives and parmesan

Gourmand Platter 800 g / 200 g | 69 LEI
a shared “meatilicius” platter for two loaded with BBQ pork ribs, chicken wings, mixed skewers, Plescoi sausages,
pickled vegetables, grilled polenta and crispy potatoes, all served in the old traditional Romanian style
Grilled Pork Belly 350 g | 39 LEI
pork belly marinated with herbs and garlic
served with polenta, fried egg and grated cheese
Papanasi 220 g | 15 LEI
our favorite donuts like dessert, finger luscious flavors brought by the mix of lemon, vanilla, sour cherries and cream

White Chocolate Parfait, mint and cognac 130 g | 15 LEI
fruit of the forest coulis and cranberries
Tiramisu Belvedere 150 g | 18 LEI
mascarpone cream flavored with caramel sauce, raspberry and peanuts crunch
Mousse Oreo 150 g | 19 LEI
a tasty dessert completed with vanilla ice cream and strawberries
Fresh Fruit Salad 150 g | 15 LEI
pineapple, kiwi, grapes, strawberries, bananas and mint syrup
Vanilla Ice-cream 50 g | 15 LEI

French fries | 6 LEI
Grilled marinated vegetables | 8 LEI
Saffron basmati rice | 6 LEI
Sautéed mushrooms | 8 LEI
Pickled vegetables salad | 6 LEI
Green leaves and lemon dressing salad | 6 LEI
Fresh summer vegetables salad | 6 LEI
Red & White Cabbage salad | 6 LEI

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