Season Menu

Beef Broth 350 g | 15 Lei
sour cream and chilli
Tripe Soup 350 g | 15 Lei
sour cream and chilli
Mushroom Cream Soup 350 g | 15 Lei
aromatic croutons
Sweet Pea Cream Soup With Mint 350 g | 15 Lei
aromatic croutons
Celery Cream Soup With Gorgonzola 350 g | 15 Lei
aromatic croutons and gorgonzola

Caprese Salad 350 g | 32 Lei
mozzarella, mango slices, arugula, dried tomatoes marinated in olive oil, lemon and honey vinaigrette
Mediterranean Platterfor Two 600 g | 42 Lei
halloumi cheese, ciliegini mozzarella, parmesan, assorted italian cold cuts, arugula,
dried tomatoes, pickled artichokes and olives
Smoked Salmon Tartar 200 g | 45 Lei
smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado, red onion and capers
Goat Cheese Tart 320 g | 34 Lei
beetroot, arugula and onion jam

Chicken With Curry And Rice Noodles 250 g | 36 Lei
chicken breast, oriental flavors, rice noodles and avocado
Chicken With Foie Gras Filling 150/150 g | 42 Lei
chicken breast, foie gras, walnuts, citrus sauce, rice with parmesan
Duck Confit 150/200 g | 75 Lei
duck thigh, truffled mashed potatoes, red cabbage, apple sauce
Duck Breast With Pineapple 150/150 g | 65 Lei
duck breast, coffee sauce, caramelized pineapple, wild rice
Salmon And Perch Duet 150/150 g | 46 Lei
salmon, perch, algae leaves, sweet peas, bell pepper
Salmon On Potato Bed 130/150 g | 65 Lei
Oriental Potatoes, Salmon, Rice Noodles, Oriental Spices
Butterfish In A Pistachio Cloak 130/150 g | 45 Lei
Butterfish, Pistachio, Truffled Rice With Parmesan, Lemon Sauce
Nodino Di Vitello 600 g | 110 Lei
Veal, Chanterelle Mushrooms Saute, Mashed Potatoes And Baby Spinac
Tagliata Di Manzo 270 g | 70 Lei
Loin Of Veal, Smolked Salt, Thyme, Cherry Tomatoes, Arugula And Parmesan Flakes
Filet Steak 170/100 g | 95 Lei
Brasilian Beef Steak Served With Chanterelle Mushrooms Sauce/Gorgonzola Sauce/Pepper Sauce/
Boletus Sauce/Sour Cherry Sauce
Wild Mushroom Risotto 350 g | 29 Lei (Lov)
Risotto, Wild Mushrooms, Chives And Parmesan
Grilled Pork Tenderloin 130/200 g | 38 Lei
Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes With Spinach And Sauteed Chanterelle Mushrooms
Pork A La Belvedere 180/150 g | 36 Lei
Marinated Pork Steak, Bacon, Garlic, Chanterelle Mushrooms, Sour Cream, Spicy Vegetables
Salmon Pappardelle 350 g | 42 Lei
Pappardelle, Salmon, Zucchini And Sour Cream
Spaghetti Carbonara 350 g | 32 Lei
Spaghetti, Butter, Egg, Bacon, Ham, Garlic, Sour Cream And Fresh Basil

Cottage Cheese Fritters 220 g | 15 Lei
Sweet Cottage Cheese, Vanilla Sauce, Raspberry Sauce
Homemade Ice Cream 150/30 g | 15 Lei
Vanilla, Lime And Chocolate Ice Cream
Lava Cake Duet 230 g | 18 Lei
Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate And Ice Cream
Poppy And Sour Cherry Pancakes 200 g | 15 Lei
Pancakes, Poppy Seeds And Sour Cherries

French Fries | 6 Lei
Traditional Potatoes | 6 Lei
Grilled Marinated Vegetables | 8 Lei
Basmati Rice With Parmesan | 6 Lei
Wild Rice | 8 Lei
Sauteed Mushrooms | 8 Lei
Mixed Pickles | 6 Lei
Assorted Salad | 6 Lei
Green Salad With Lemon | 6 Lei
Cabbage Salad | 6 Lei

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